Which music genres do you cover?

We cover all!
Our mixer engineers have more than 10 years’ experience mixing and have worked for several record labels, producers and artists.
They have worked in many different genres, including Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Folk, Soul, Classical, Emo, Dance, House, Electronic, Experimental, Punk, Lo-Fi, Ambient, Jazz, Crossover, Latin, Musical, Sound Track and Remix.

Remember you can send some music as reference to show exactly how you want your music to sound like.
To find out more, go to our showreel page and listen to our mixer engineers’ online show reels.

Can I have my music mixed but not mastered?

You will receive both mastered and un-mastered versions from us so you can choose which one to use

Which console will you be using for mixing (analogue or digital)?

It depends on where our engineers are working. Our engineers are all free-lance and will book the studio they believe is most suitable for their style of work. Neither system or studio equipment can be guaranteed but we guarantee the quality and commitment of their work.
Most of the studios here in London are equipped with analogue mixers and Pro Tools HD system.

Will you do editing on the song?

No, this is not included in this package.
Editing, sound replacement and vocal tuning can be carried out on demand. Contact us with the work you want us to do and we will tell you how much it will cost.

Why do I need to make a feedback?

This is the opportunity for you to review the mixing/mastering job you’ve received.

Sometimes you will have a clearer view on the song and its arrangement after the mix or mastering is done. You might want to make some changes like adding something or removing parts from the mix. By using this service you have the chance to give feedback on our work directly to our mixer engineers so your music can receive your final touch.
Complete the form, in which you can give detailed information on what you would like to improve/change/remove from/add to your mix, and we will do all the changes for you.
This is another good occasion to send us a reference track to help express your views.

Remember there is a Free First Feedback with any mixing service.

Who is using your service?

We designed our mixing and mastering service to be useful and affordable to the entire music industry, form high professional to amateurs.
Our clients are record labels, record producers that are using our services to get their music mixed professionally at low cost and with a fast and smooth transaction.
Recording studios often use our mixing service to have an alternative mix of their recording or as final mix so to keep the recording studio and their mixer and sound engineers free to work on other productions.
We also work for Music Publishers, they use our service to promote their catalogue to record label and artists. We also work for a lot of Managers and it is also growing the request from unsigned and independent Artists.

How good the recording must be to make an amazing sounding mix and master?

Of course better the recording easier is the mixing process, but now with the use of computers a decent home recording, if in the right hands like the one of our engineers, can be turned into a top quality production.

We recommend to use professional recording studio to record your music but for experience we know that a good home recording can sound as good as most of the music in the chart, if the performance is excellent.

Our Mixer and Mastering engineer have been working in many different mixing and mastering studios for many different productions and have learned the secret of making the best out of any sound quality. They are able to make a digital recording sound as good an analogue, a good demo sound like a record.

Their secret is not just on their Knowledge on sound and acoustics but it’s also in the good taste, creativity and music sensibility, this can be seen in any of the projects they have mixed and mastered.

Listen to their showreel to get an idea on how good small budgeted productions can sound.

When I send the files, which format should they be in?

For higher compatibility, we work only with 16 and 24 bit files at 44.100 KHz.
The files have to be .WAV or .AIF. Make sure that a file extension is present to each file (e.g. your file is named ‘lead-guitar.aif’ and not ‘lead-guitar’).

If you want to upload your music to our Drop Box, you have to compress the folder containing all the files. Make a .zip file which will be compatible with any computer’s operation system. You can send several .zip files but each file cannot be greater than 2GB.

To know more on how to prepare your music to be mixed and mastered visit our how to guide

What happens if you are not able to open the file I sent you?

Keep a copy of whatever you send us, so in case this happens we will be able to show you what went wrong and what to do to fix the problem. Before you send us the files you can check that everything works properly by opening a new session on your music software and importing all the files as we will do when we receive your files: if it works well on your system it will work on ours’.

I like the mix but I would like some parts mixed differently, is that possible?

Yes, by using Feedback. This tool enables you to deliver feedback to our enginee

How can I give feedback on the finished mix to have an engineer make this on the mix?

Use Feedback. This tool enables you to deliver feedback to our engineers. When you get the order confirmation email from us you will also receive a link to our feedback form.

How many times I can give my feedback on a song?

You can give feedback as many times as you like. Usually, if feedback is required, one feedback sessions are the maximum required for a perfect result (first feedback is included with our mixing service)
For each feedback you do you have to go through the feedback procedure (form and payment).
In most cases our clients are happy with the result and don’t need any adjustments on the mix.

Strange Cases

In case we receive a song that we believe is a “strange case”, we will contact you to find out more. Before the work is clear and the right payment has been made for the job we won’t proceed with the mixing.
Example Cases:
Your song is 15 minutes long and sounds like 3 songs put one after the other.

How long will it take to have my music mixed?

With our standard delivery time we deliver our mix singles and mastering service between 5 to 10 days, mix albums and eps within 15 days from the date of receiving your order, payment and audio files. We also offer a express service for a even faster delivery time, see delivery option.

I need my song mixed ASAP; can you deliver my song in less than 10 days?

Yes: we provide an express service.
We are able to deliver the mix of your song within 48h from when we receive your audio files.
Select Express Service in the delivery time option at the moment you purchase the mixing or mastering service.

If I make a payment and later decide to cancel the session will I be refunded?

No, this won’t be possible. The funds you have paid to us will be usable as credit for 2 months from your purchase with any of our services. After that period your credit will expire.


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